Hypnobirthing is a tried and proved childbirth preparation  designed to release fear and anxiety during pregnancy, labor and birth. 

Prepare your mind and give a peaceful, healthy  and

positive birth for your baby! 

What will you learn during the course?

  • birth physiology and how labor and birth are designed to happen;

  • simple and effective relaxation and breathing techniques designed to release fear and anxiety, helping the mother to keep a confident and positive state during labor.

  • how to achieve a pleasant and deep relaxation state (both mentally and physically) during pregnancy and labor, allowing a good flow of birth hormones and a more gentle experience;

  • non-pharmacological methods to deal with pain and discomfort during labor;

  • practical tips on how the birth partner can offer the best mental and physical support to the laboring mother;

  • How to prepare a positive and effective birth plan.

About Hypnobirthing

Because  the basis for a calm and peaceful birth is inside every mammal

Did you know women are, like all other female mammals, designed to give birth without suffering and in a very natural and gentle way?  

Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of women is bombarded with negative ideas and suggestions about birth from a very young age, and therefore they often see birth as a very difficult and painful process.

This negative approach causes tension, fear and anxiety during labor and this will trigger the so called "fear response" in the body: blood is deviated from the uterus and the release of labor hormones is disturbed. That leads to a longer and more difficult  labor.


But believe me: it's NOT meant to be like that.

Hypnobirthing teaches women to direct the mind and the body to a calm and positive state, helping them to achieve a calmer birth experience. By changing the previously mentioned negative approach that is often associated with labor, hypnobirthing prevents the creation of tension and anxiety during the process. This way, instead of feeling stressed and anxious, the woman feels confident and calm during labor. This will then boost  the production of labor hormones and facilitate the process.

The result: a calm, peaceful and positive birth experience for mother AND baby, which will then carry the impressions of this day for the rest of their lives.

About me

I believe that the right knowledge can transform birth into  a beautiful and life changing experience- for mother and for baby

My name is Angela, I'm a biologist and totally passionate about everything surrounding the birth universe. The way mammals give life to their babies has always fascinated me. 


I practiced Hypnobirthing for the birth of my second daughter. It gave me the opportunity to experience a very calm and focused labor and no pain medication was needed. (you can watch a short video below :-)


In the beginning of 2018 I went to London to study the methodology and became a certified Hypnobirthing instructor. I trained with Katherine Graves, author of The Hypnobirthing Book and head of the KGHypnobirthing method in the United Kingdom.  

I truly believe that the right knowledge can transform the way a family experiences birth and along this journey I have been helping couples to achieve a positive birth for their babies.

I'm Brazilian, currently living in the Netherlands. 

I wish you an amazing pregnancy and birth journey!

The video of my daughter's birth using Hypnobirthing